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Vacation Time Checklist for Santa Clarita Valley Residents

Here’s a vacation time checklist for our local Santa Clarita residents. With summer just around the corner, we’re already hearing talk about how Santa Clarita residents will be spending their vacation time. People are talking about airlines, hotel accommodations, destinations, and all that goes along with travel and vacations. While these well deserved vacations are full of fun and relaxation, they do take some advance planning, especially when trying to take advantage of the best deals for airline tickets, hotel accommodations and car rentals.

Plan Ahead for Your Home While Vacationing

Santa Clarita Vacation checklist – iRealty

Good vacation planners make their destination reservations well in advance, but sometimes we forget to make all the necessary arrangements for our homes.

Once upon a time, while our neighbors were on vacation we noticed their irrigation system was always on! After a couple hours, we went over and had to completely shut their water off. Obviously, something happened with their timer, but what choice did they have? Here in SCV it’s quite hot in the summer, so it’s not an option to leave the sprinklers off for the duration of your vacation. When they returned home we discovered they had set their watering timer before they left, but never tested it!

On another occasion our neighbors home was singing in the night! It turns out, the smoke detectors were going full blast almost all night! There was no fire but we were all very concerned for the first few hours, until we figured out it was a false alarm. Thankfully, the detector batteries died after the first night.

It’s always recommended to temporarily stop any newspaper and mail deliveries, shut off the pool heater, turn off the air conditioning, and all the other obvious stuff. As for Santa Clarita specific list items homeowners should pay particular attention to the yard watering. We all know how hot it can be during the summer in SCV, so plan the watering accordingly. Also, be careful where parking the cars. If the home is located within an HOA, the amount of time allowed for street parking is usually limited. It wouldn’t be fun to return home from vacation to find the spare car had been towed away!

The best possible arrangement while vacationing is to have a house sitter stay in the home. Not all of us can afford this luxury so at the very least, ask a neighbor to keep an eye of the home, and be sure to leave them a spare key, just in case.

Santa Clarita Vacation checklist – iRealty

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