Tips on How to Avoid Foreclosure

Tips on How to Avoid Foreclosure

For those homeowners struggling with their mortgage, there are still real and viable alternatives to foreclosure. It doesn’t matter if you live in Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, or anywhere in southern California, it’s all the same.  In harsh times, having options is what keep you afloat. For those staring down possible foreclosure, there are numerous life-savers to cling to – better and smarter choices. The bottom line is…there are tools to help you avoid foreclosure (a.k.a. the literal ruination of personal finances).

And let’s be perfectly clear…beyond costing you your home, foreclosure will ravage your credit score, making it impossible to land a reasonable mortgage rate in the near future. It even makes it harder to convince landlords to rent to you. Not good! But…let’s take a deep breath of relief. Why? Because you can sidestep foreclosure, even if you are already late on your mortgage payments. How?

Depending on your circumstances, some solutions are a better fit for you than others. But ALL are better than stumbling into foreclosure – something your lender wants to avoid as well. Also, it’s possible your lender is not even aware of some of these plans or alternatives. We have iRealty team members that are highly trained and experienced with helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and short sale their home. These transactions are often difficult, complex and time consuming. Typically, a short sale cost the homeowner nothing, but they do take time. That’s why it’s important to get started as early as possible! If you are a homeowner facing foreclosure it’s important to remember, you’re not alone and there are viable solutions that will allow you a fresh new start. We can help!

A short sale is not a one size fits all solution so it’s important to first learn which situation fits your specific situation. Certain situations might require a loan modification and another might result is a short sale solution.

Contact us to discuss you current circumstances and see if a short sale is the right solution for you.

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